Hello and welcome to TeachYourselfScience.com, where we teach you science so you can teach yourself… some… science… I guess.

The philosophy on this site is such that everything that you’ve heard about science in your schools, is wrong. We are made to memorize formulas and concepts with no real understanding about what it all means. Teaching theory revolves around passing standardized tests and teaching us to be factory workers. Unfortunately this means that if you’re bad at memorization or taking those tests, you are made to feel like you’re no good at the subject being tested.

Take a look at the featured picture on this page. I would argue that every American alive today has heard of Albert Einstein. He was without a doubt one of the most important minds and greatest contributors to the advancement of human civilization. A total badass. Yet he continually asserted that he wasn’t anything special, he just had imagination or curiosity. Whatever it was, he had an obvious connectedness to the universe that is reserved for only the most elite among us.

Or is it? On this site we (by we I mean me, since I’m only one person) are going to try to teach you science concepts in way that allows you to realize that you too can become connected to the universe. Moreover we will try and present the topic in such a way that you can become self-taught. At least that’s our hope.

I am a 27-year-old student at Concordia University, studying Biology with a concentration in pre-medical studies. As you can see from my age I never knew what I wanted to do with my life, but a series of twists and turns catapulted me in to the world of science. I went from a C-D student, to earning straight A’s. However the grades aren’t what’s important. Through a more deep understanding of science I was better able to understand myself.

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