These instructions are being provided for students of Concordia University. Just so you guys know, not every topic is covered on this site. Being only one person, I don’t always have the time to write about every topic, but if you would like to see something on the site, please fill out the contact form and I’ll try and address it as soon as I can. If you feel like you can write for this site, don’t be shy, It’s easier to learn if you are trying to teach others, and I’m always looking for well informed students. Oh and I can’t pay you, so there’s that.

If you are desperately in need of help and can’t find what you’re looking for on here, then see my “Tutoring” page, here I will post the hours that I’m tutoring as well as where. This information will be posted one week after the start of the semester. If I can’t make it during a scheduled time for some reason I’ll be posting that information to my Facebook page and Twitter account, as well as putting a notice on my tutoring page.

I love disclaimers: so in the spirit of that love, I have to warn you. I don’t claim to have all of the answers. If you don’t like how I’m explaining things in written form, then visit my tutoring hours. If you’re still having trouble then ask someone else. You’re the best judge of how you take in information, and not everybody’s teaching styles will jive with your learning style. That’s okay, just don’t get frustrated by it, learn to find something that works for you.

Now on to it.

  1. At the end of an article I put the topics that are being covered according to subject/chapter and section. For example if I’ve covered a topic for general chemistry 211 and that information can be found in chapter 1 section 1 of the book that is being used, I’ll tag it as [chemistry 211 section 1.1].
  2. Now all you have to do is click on the search button near the top right corner of the page (the magnifying glass), and type what you’re looking for. If I’m looking for a topic relating to BIO 211 chapter 1 section 3, I simply type [biology 211 section 1.3].
  3. Some articles cover multiple subjects. When this happens I will attempt to tag all of the subjects that are covered. For example, my article on the scientific method covers section 1.2 in Chem 211 and Concept 1.3 in Bio 211, so it is tagged as [chemistry section 1.2; biology concept 1.3].
  4. you might find that you still can’t find what you’re looking for after searching for it. Like I said in my disclaimer, It may not be up yet, but it never hurts to ask. Just send me an email. I usually respond to emails within 12 hours, unless you email me at night, because I’m old and go to bed at 9 pm.
  5. Try key words. If I know that I’m having trouble with the concept of “matter”. I will just do a quick search for that term. Multiple posts might exist, but at least I’ll be on the right track.
  6. Now that you’ve successfully searched for articles and found what you’re looking for, let me know how it went. visit my contact page, or send me a message through Twitter or Facebook. I’m always looking for feedback. My ultimate goal is for this website to be used as a practical resource for students that are having a tough time, so any input will just help me to write better content or make things easier.